Several high-capacity automated monorails could run from the City to the western suburbs. We suggest one to Highpoint Shopping Centre (and maybe the Airport) while the other extends south-west to Point Cook. This would be all part of the Melbourne Skyrail network.

(Alternatively a monorail can take the Essendon route to the airport.)

Daegu Monorail, South Korea
Art rendering of the new Daegu Monorail, South Korea (image reversed). This could be Melbourne. (Original Image: Daegu Blog)

  • Trains every three minutes: Adding new links to the heart of Melbourne.
  • East-West Connector: This monorail connects to the City - Doncaster Monorail.
  • Airport - Chadstone Connector: This monorail is connects to the Airport and Chadstone monorails at Southern Cross Station.
  • High-Capacity Transit to the city: These monorail could link the Airport, Highpoint and the Western suburbs to the CBD.


Resident Benefits

Home-owners near the monorail lines receive the following benefits depending on their proximity to the monorail tracks:

  • Removal of overhead power and other wires which are to be relocated underground.
  • A daily payment during construction of the monorail outside their properties.
  • A monthly payment for the life of the monorail system related to ticket sales for residential property within 20 meters of the track. This is anticipated to be between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars per annum depending on proximity to the track.
  • A vegetated tree-way under the monorail track and extra trees along the sides of the street where possible.
  • Extra public transport in their area.


Approximate Route

The approximate route of the proposed City West Monorails is shown below. Click into the map to zoom in on particular segments.

View City West Monorails in a larger map
Approximate routes of the City West Monorails.


Destinations and Connections - Highpoint Line

  • Melbourne Airport: Domestic and International stations may be needed.
  • Tullamarine: Creating a viable business and residential hub at this location.
  • Avondale Heights: Providing public transport for this suburb.
  • Highpoint Shopping Centre: This station provided service to the shopping centre and the Homemaker Centre.
  • Footscray: Servicing Victoria University, Footscray and Flemington Racecourse.
  • Daegu Monorail, South Korea
    Art rendering of the new Daegu Monorail, South Korea. A shorter version of this bridge could take the monorail across the Maribyrnong River or the Yarra. (Original Image: Daegu Blog)
  • South Kensington: Allows rail travellers from the west to transfer to the monorail here instead of going through the loop to Southern Cross.
  • Melbourne Star Station: For a suitable contribution to overall costs a station could be added here although it is quite close to Southern Cross Station.
  • Southern Cross Station: The monorail station would be adjacent to Southern Cross station over Wurundjeri Way with access to Bourke Street and Collins Street.
  • Southbank Extension: This monorail could be extended to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and Crown Casino if desired.
Art rendering of monorail track suitable for Australian cities.
(The original Image was for the new monorail in São Paulo, Brazil: Skyscraper City


Destinations and Connections - Point Cook Line

The population growth in outer western suburbs, in particular in Wyndham City, is the highest in Australia and provision of public transport has not kept pace. The Regional Rail Link provided two stations at a huge cost but the V/Line trains are already full of passengers from Geelong.

  • Footscray: In the centre of Footscray witin easy reach of the railway station.
  • Kingsville: Bringing real public transport to this area.
  • Brooklyn: As above.
  • Laverton North: Assuming this area will be further developed.
  • Aircraft: Above the existing railway station.
  • Sanctuary Lakes: A new area with minimal public transport.
  • Point Cook: Servicing this rapidly growing suburb.
  • RAAF Museum: An optional extra would be to terminate at the RAAF base and the excellent RAAF museum.

Destinations and Connections - Fishermans Bend Line

This short line could connect the new high-rise developments proposed for this area to Southern Cross railway station and the CBD

Travel Times

The high-capacity monorails under consideration have a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h. Assuming 10-second dwell times* at the stations the following travel times are likely:

  • Highpoint - Southern Cross: About 9 minutes.
  • Highpoint - Airport: About 12 minutes.
  • Point Cook - Footscray: About 20 minutes.

(*Similar to dwell time for trains and flat-floor trams.)


Monorail capacity is discussed here.