A high-capacity automated monorail from Southern Cross to Chadstone via Southbank, Queens Road, Dandenong Road & Caulfield as part of the Melbourne Skyrail proposal.

Large Hitachi monorail, Japan
Large Hitachi monorail, Japan. This could be Melbourne. (Visit Kitakyushu monorail)


  • Airport connection: This line is continuous with the Airport Monorail. Trains run from the Airport to Chadstone.
  • Doncaster connection: This line is crosses the Doncaster Monorail at Southern Cross Station.
  • Eight-carriage trains every three minutes: Adding a new transit link through the congested heart of Melbourne.
  • High-Capacity Transit for St. Kilda Road: This monorail passes over Queens Road augmenting tram services on St. Kilda Road.
  • High-Capacity Transit for Chadstone: Direct access to Chadstone Shopping Centre from the city & Caulfield and access to the proposed Ashburton - Monash Monorail.



Our current cost range estimate is between $750 million for all monorail components. This estimate is to be further refined by ongoing analysis.

Resident Benefits

Home-owners near the monorail line receive the following benefits depending on their proximity to the monorail track:

  • Removal of overhead power and other wires which are to be relocated underground.
  • A daily payment during construction of the monorail outside their properties.
  • A monthly payment for the life of the monorail system related to ticket sales for residential property within 20 meters of the track. This is anticipated to be between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars per annum depending on proximity to the track.
  • A vegetated tree-way under the monorail track and extra trees along the sides of the street where possible.
  • Extra public transport in their area.


Approximate Route

The approximate route of the proposed City - Chadstone Monorail is shown below. Click into the map to zoom in on particular segments.

View City - Chadstone Monorail in a larger map
Approximate route of the City - Chadstone Monorail to within 100 meters.


Destinations and Connections

  • Southern Cross Station: The monorail station would be near the DFO within easy reach of Southern Cross station, the CBD and the docklands. Continue to the Airport on this monorail line or change to the Doncaster or Highpoint monorails.
  • Guideway passes high over Spencer Street to the west of tram lines. Several parking spaces removed on west side here. The guide-way goes over the rail viaduct.
  • Crown Casino: The west end of the Casino near the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
  • Guide-way passes over casino buildings until over Kings Way. Support pillars fitted between elevated road sections and then along central median strip next to tram lines.
  • Guide-way continues on central median strip or west-side service lane median strip avoiding tree loss.
  • Queens Road: Near Arthur Street Street with foot bridges servicing St Kilda Road and Albert Park Lake.
  • Guideway continues on west side of Queens Road between the trees and the lake except between Union road and St Kilda Junction where it returns to the central median strip.
  • St Kilda Junction: Over the tram and road junction allowing interchange to tram and bus services.
  • Guideway continues on median strip.
  • Windsor: Near Windsor railway station. Interchange with Dandenong Road and Chapel Street trams.
  • Guideway continues on median strip just over trees with no tree loss.
  • Malvern: Interchange with the Frankston railway line and No. 16 and No. 64 trams.
  • Guideway passes over rail lines and then between rail line and Dandenong Road just over trees with no tree loss.
  • Caulfield: Interchange with Dandenong and Frankston railways and No.3 trams.
  • Guideway passes over St John Monash Drive and then along the Dandenong Road median strip with no tree loss.
  • Guideway continues along the Dandenong Road median strip.
  • Chadstone: Interchange with the proposed Ashburton - Monash Monorail.
Chongqing Monorail (Hitachi)
Part of the 75 km Chongqing Monorail in China by Hitachi (Skyscraper City).


Travel Times

The high-capacity monorails under consideration have a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h. Assuming 10-second dwell times* at the stations the following travel times are likely:

  • Southern Cross - Chadstone: About 15 minutes (~15 km).

(*Similar to dwell time for trains and flat-floor trams.)


Monorail capacity is discussed here. This monorail link should start with eight-carriage monorail trains from the outset to achieve a carrying capacity of over 15,000 passengers per hour per direction.